Paul L. Bucklaw
10 min readFeb 14, 2022

The following is a work of fiction.

Pledging Allegiance to the flag and singing God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner and eating Apple Pie with a Beer or Cola product and getting the job done, efficiently, quickly, and with love is what America was all about. And now I think our mother is crying because we destroyed her home. It isn’t about climate change or global warming it is is about doing the right thing by the planet. When mom says to clean we should clean. How much debris should be in front of your favorite restaurant or store ? Would I be crazy to think that petrified poop would be removed by someone even if it was just out of embarrassment ?

We had hospitals in at least three states that were created for dealing with COVID. Pop up hospitals. And the story goes that you were either not sick enough or too sick to be seen there. Ambulances were refused from brining patients in. Hundreds of millions wasted.

Two houses per day were created during the creation of the Hover Dam. During the first Arbor Day 1 million trees were planted. That seems exceptional to me. Those are the things that we can pledge allegiance to and pump our fists in the air about. Landing on the Moon and Mars.. Wal-Mart is really good at creating success in their business. What if in Chicago we gave all the houses the government owns and asked them, to make them profitable again? And when society fails I am quick to apportion blame. Those possibilities of blame are endless as are my numerous excuses. Doubt that anyone else has that problem.

Whose responsibility is that ? Or do we just think that someone else is going to take care of it. Remembering the times that I worked at a grocery store and was a low-level supervisor, I thought of how I used to come in early and pick up the debris and shuttle the carts back into the front of the store. Working off the clock was against company policy at least in theory. The other supervisors we’re supposed to go off their check list and make sure things were taken care of before they left to go home.

Most didn’t. Coming in on Sunday I can imagine my boss seeing the mess and that not putting…

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