Customer Service.

Paul L. Bucklaw
8 min readJan 18, 2022

“Go get a job,” my bossy, fat ass sister and brother-in-law intoned. My sister calls herself the words I used here. I was trying to save the world and they wanted me to get a job.

C.S. Lewis had a quote about living with other people which stated the bad thing was you always had to play by their rules. And my view was they changed the rules often.

“Inspirational beyond measure.”

Do I have to ‘enjoy the process?”

“Enjoy the process.”

“Gotsta start at the bottom.”

“They’ll love you here.” Never was a bigger lie ever spoken.

Carrying roses around was supposed to be an ice breaker or a tactic to keep my mind off the task at hand.

People were unusually friendly to me and as I walked into a department store that was just waiting to go into bankruptcy for the third time, one of the managers started a conversation. In a previous life we just happened to be from the same neck of the woods in a different state. We got along well and he hired me. He loved me until he didn’t.

We had a gentleman that worked at Customer Service who had a hook for a hand. Terrible guy to work with always paging me just as I walked into the door or barking some order at me. Surly.



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