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9 min readNov 7, 2021

Dr. Sayer : [in job interview] It was an immense project. I was to extract 1 decagram of myelin from 4 tons of earth worms.

Dr. Sayer : Yes. I was on the project for 5 years. I was the only one who believed in it. Everyone else said it couldn’t be done.

Dr. Sayer : I know that now. I proved it.

The above quote is from the movie Awakenings. Oliver Sacks who was portrayed in this movie by Robbins Williams-Sacks wrote a hand written note to me on my theory of depression. He liked it. It was a cherished memento in times when I was down.

So my flustration with the church is they didn’t practice what they preached. And therefore we all pay a tax that is higher than it should be.

We don’t train people to be good Christians. There is no school to go to.

The church as I see it is basically just going through the motions. Laudato Si’ got all excited- went to the seminars at more than one church. And it was all just talk. And then I decided to question after all this eloquence what was actually going to be done. Should we believe what they say ? HNC’s solution-hire consultants that basically put in recyclable garbage bins. Is this the level of courageous creativity that Francis told us to have ?

If this happened in any place that I worked they would be laughed at. Taking a walk around the grounds an inspection will tell you all one needs to know about the workings of the church. Top heavy, nepotism, and unwilling to treat a sick patient.

So I did the appropriate things went to meetings, asked about process (there was none), and tested what they said they were doing. Made tons of calls and sent many emails what to do next in regards to Laudato Si’.

How outrageous it was for a homeless individual to want to be involved in the community. How bizarre for him to want to help the homeless and plant gardens. Shame on him. And each step of the way they either ignored me or misrepresented the truth.

Called over three hundred churches to see if they had an energy audit by Interfaith Power and Light. It was cost free. No obligation. That was too much to ask. So they weren’t even going through the motions in respect to doing what Pope Benedict and Francis wanted. It was Benedict that was gung ho on the environment. The process…

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