How I Made .44 Cents On medium and You Can Too.

Paul L. Bucklaw
2 min readJan 16

Once upon a time, I wrote that the Bible should come with a disclaimer:

“Your results may vary.” When I was trying to get people to join Robinhood I was told that I needed to put create a disclaimer before I could run an ad in order to get a free share of stock when someone signs up.

My disclaimer would have been, “Your results might suck just as much as mine.”

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I really didn’t find the people that made money on this platform that humble. “How I Bought A Lambo and a New House and Put My Kid Through College with One Medium Article.”

Life doesn’t come with disclaimers about circumstances or people or religious entities.

For the most part I still think the platform although wonderful is a vanity press. And I can never figure out how exactly one gets paid. I checked various stories before I gave up and they were getting paid more even though their views and read time was less.

What percentage of people make it into the “Hundred Dollar Club,” and how long does it take them and are they single?

Why would I pay a company to charge me money so that I could lose money?

“I jumped up and down last night and got a hundred thousand views.”

Sometimes the common denominator is excellent writing. Even though I have read lots of articles early on I find only a handful that were really outstanding.

The second thing I think that makes for earning on medium is being an excellent self promoter.

The third thing I think is having friends that take an interest in a story and will share it.

The fourth thing is clickbaity articles. “Four thousand things that you need to do to be a better writer.”

The fifth thing is drama. Drama sells. It has been shown years ago that bloggers went the drama route got better results as far as views and comments.

Lastly, if none of these things work you can always fake your own death. I am afraid if I did this people might applaud.

As to me the medium software allowed me to compose easily and quickly without needing to code and kept me writing and that was a good thing the downside was it didn’t pay the rent.

Last month’s earning would have paid for 1/4 of a can of soda. BOO!

The platform does benefit those who created it though.

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