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Paul L. Bucklaw
3 min readJan 29, 2023

I didn’t feel like going to the store and yet I needed tobacco and maybe Jewel-Osco would have it cheaper than the 7–11 that charges more than double the price downtown in the loop of Chicago. Price Gougers.

My feet were soaked, the other day when I went to find shoes after discernment if I needed them or not, I went off on Pretzel Friday to Northlake, Il to visit my least favorite store Wal-Mart because I needed to waste time that I didn’t have time to waste and because the Subway there has soft pretzels and they aren’t that expensive.

I dread trying on new shoes at Wal-Mart I miss Payless and of course two people were trying on shoes and sitting on the benches that I needed to sit on and as I carried my shoes to find a place to sit I had a premonition that security was going to birddog me because I was in a fairly good mood because it was Pretzel Friday.

“You going to buy those shoes or not?”

“Maybe just like anyone else it depends if I find something I like or not.”

Really it wasn’t even aboot that-even if I didn’t like them and they fit I was buying. This whole playing St. Francis bit was old.

It was like throwing acid into the face of the security guard who was patrolling in a scooter. Vegas it seemed had tons of them and that has nothing to do with this story.

After about forty-five minutes of unstuffing shoe filler and attempting to find the right fit while some plastic device held them together none fit.

The shoes were like the women of my life none fit in more ways than one.

I thought I prayed for fitting shoes. Hmm.

Today my feet were soaked and yet I had feet and I decided to take a jaunt to the store because I didn’t want to go to church. I used to love to go and get hoodwinked by all the great deeds we would do and how everything was going to be better than all right only to be let down time and time again. I remember asking for refund on my time and thought that our social contract was null and void.

“If you have faith you can move mountains.” It could be but probably not people’s hearts.

“Jack it is time to get up for church.”

“I don’t want to mom they don’t like me.”



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