Interview With Corona…

Paul L. Bucklaw
6 min readApr 28, 2022

Sam: To my friends out there in TV land and those multitudes joining us on the internet and other mobile devices we must emphasize that after a great deal of time we have obtained an interview with the deadly Coronavirus. We here at do not pay in like or in kind for interviews. Presently I am in my hazmat suit and a thick layer of glass separates me from Corona. Welcome Corona-pardon me my friend-how do you like to be called? Mr. Corona, Mrs. Ms. It? I must confess that I am a little bit confused here my friend.

Corona: Sam I liked to be called Sid.

Sam: Sid it is a dubious pleasure to have you here. You have a very busy schedule.

Corona: Not as busy as some. I would like to congratulate myself on keeping busy and fit and getting out in the world and doing my job. After all I am just doing my job. If not me someone else. I got the job done.

Sam: Is that how you see it as just doing your job?

Corona: Definitely if not me then some other entity.

Sam: So how does it feel to be so successful does it affect how you act?

Corona: Well I keep my ego out of it even though I beat a great number of scientists and scholars. Remember when they said this would all be over within three weeks?

Sam: You really kept going despite the circumstances. How did you do it?

Corona: Well first I get up every morning and do my Tony Robbin’s exercises and then I do a few hours of meditation. It’s all about focus. Inhale. Exhale. You gotta keep on moving.

Sam: How do you feel about masks and vaccines?

Corona: I appreciate them they are a worthy opponent. With masks the problem was that they told you their weren’t any masks. Do you really believe that? And then you failed to treat them like medical waste and just threw them all over. The real kicker is I got into people’s clothes and scientists didn’t remember lessons from passed epidemics. Burn the clothes and the masks. Best part was that you had a president who would rather be golfing and pushing his financial agenda with…

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