Interview With Corona…

Paul L. Bucklaw
6 min readApr 28, 2022

Sam: To my friends out there in TV land and those multitudes joining us on the internet and other mobile devices we must emphasize that after a great deal of time we have obtained an interview with the deadly Coronavirus. We here at do not pay in like or in kind for interviews. Presently I am in my hazmat suit and a thick layer of glass separates me from Corona. Welcome Corona-pardon me my friend-how do you like to be called? Mr. Corona, Mrs. Ms. It? I must confess that I am a little bit confused here my friend.

Corona: Sam I liked to be called Sid.

Sam: Sid it is a dubious pleasure to have you here. You have a very busy schedule.

Corona: Not as busy as some. I would like to congratulate myself on keeping busy and fit and getting out in the world and doing my job. After all I am just doing my job. If not me someone else. I got the job done.

Sam: Is that how you see it as just doing your job?

Corona: Definitely if not me then some other entity.

Sam: So how does it feel to be so successful does it affect how you act?

Corona: Well I keep my ego out of it even though I beat a great number of scientists and scholars. Remember when they said this would all be over within three weeks?



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