On Clare.

Paul L. Bucklaw
4 min readJun 2, 2022

We found the wonderful Clare at PAWS in Chicago where my friend was volunteering. The first cat struck out because it was in a nipping mood despite my friend telling me that it had never did that before. Personally I really didn’t care for cats.

She was sitting amongst all these other cats that were having a blast. Raindrop was sitting in the kitty litterbox. Don’t think that was a good sign. She really didn’t want to come out and yet we persisted and brought her home in a cardboard box made for that purpose.

The first night we had a blast. Taking the handle of the kitty litter container I tied a piece of string to it and at the end put a fake fish. And Clare would now go flying through the air trying to catch it. From the other room I heard, “Let her win sometimes.”

She needed to be separated because my friend had another cat. The next day our new feline decided to hide under a bench bed and where as the previous day she would come out for food-this time she wasn’t and she had the sniffles.

Then we decided to rename her, “Her name will be Clare!” Almost biblical

It was at this time I felt a glimpse of parental love for a cat. I wanted her to be healthy and active. Would she survive?

Sure enough she did.

One night while sitting in what I called my office Clare came in and was playing with what I thought was a toy mouse. Looking down once and then twice and even a third time until I realized it was a real mouse and she couldn’t kill it. She did this on a few other occasions. “Why me?”

She loved to sit on a particular spot near the kitchen and put her ear to the ground. Silly me I didn’t figure it out. Mice. So one night we both sat there and then we pressed our ears to the ground listening to the mice scurrying below.

Also know as the Miniature Cow, And Miss Hissy Pants. In her spare time Clare likes to watch episodes of Pinky and the Brain Mickey Mouse and House.

She wishes to be a Pet Veterinarian and while daydreaming, and watching the birds outside she comes up with plans to house the homeless, open an…



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