On Dogs.

What’s the deal with dogs in baby carriages?

It started with one I saw years ago, and I asked about it and the woman said that her dog was, “sick.” And I believed her and then over the years I have started to see more and more of dogs in baby carriages.

The other day I go into Dollar Tree (no I don’t have any stock in it) and after being blocked from going down this aisle and that aisle I had happened to bump into a carriage that contained a a very happy, tail wagging dog and so I started to interview it and see if it had been in the aisle with the dog treats and toys yet. No one was…



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Paul L. Bucklaw

Who am I ? That is the eternal question. slackivist.com. Writer ? Hero ? Motivator ? Environmentalist ? If you know let me know. Visit demicnews.com