On Dogs.

Paul L. Bucklaw
4 min readSep 19, 2022

What’s the deal with dogs in baby carriages?

It started with one I saw years ago, and I asked about it and the woman said that her dog was, “sick.” And I believed her and then over the years I have started to see more and more of dogs in baby carriages.

The other day I go into Dollar Tree (no I don’t have any stock in it) and after being blocked from going down this aisle and that aisle I had happened to bump into a carriage that contained a a very happy, tail wagging dog and so I started to interview it and see if it had been in the aisle with the dog treats and toys yet. No one was around watching the dog in a cart.

And it’s ear was turned inside out, and I mentioned it to the owner who showed up and he said, “Yep it is.” I was having a better time with the dog.

Now lots of places I go I’m seeing dogs in baby carriages, they have bonnets on and baby rattles and binkies. And Halloween Costumes and one had a Kippah and the other a cross and still another was covered with what we used to call bling and wearing sunglasses all while in baby carriages.

Maybe all this is because dogs just don’t want to work anymore or they are bored with us or it could be that dogs get tired of walking and if given the chance would rather be in a doggy carriage. Or it could be that one dog saw one in a baby carriage and then thought, “Why am I walking,” and then told other dogs.

“Nice baby,” I say to the person pushing the cart, “looks just like you.”

I am sure that someplace out there there is a dog pushing another dog in a stroller while the one doing the sitting is on their I-Pad.

Will Travel.

Dogs refusing to walk is an interesting dilemma. What is one supposed to do? How do you get them to budge?

Today, I met Gigi and we almost didn’t meet and as we passed by and the dog sniffed my hand.

I turned around and Gigi just to play and then rolled over and I rubbed her ears and belly and snout and was having a good time and then realized that the “owner” might need to leave and that I was inconveniencing them and it really didn’t matter because Gigi…



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