On Friendship.

Paul L. Bucklaw
8 min readAug 6, 2022

When I was near her office or near Holy Name Cathedral which her office was attached to I would try to get her attention so that she would quit working.

Sometimes this involved throwing tiny pebbles to see if she were really working or just surfing the web

“If it is meant to be it is up to somebody else.” Steven Wright

Is right wrong?

“Saint Paul did not fall off a horse.”

“What do you mean?”

“In the Bible it never said that he fell off his horse. Caravaggio. He painted Saint Paul falling off a horse.”

It was great a lesson that Suzanne taught me and I used it to make bets with priests and they never seem to pay me. No horse.

Suzanne and I met a few times at church and I am so glad that we did.

Remember, telling her about the water fountain that hadn’t had the filter changed in awhile and that the party that was supposed to do this just didn’t care. This went on for ages. Had I sharpened my axe? Definitely. And yet my ability to manifest the result I wanted-was not my destiny.

So took a video of the fountain and sent to someone and sure she got the job done. And even sent me a video of the working fountain.

A church recital were we all sang along as maestro jumped around showing us the different instruments and the history of a song and how they were played.

And another time we bounced into each other when a priest was telling the story of David-with great oration and then we would go to the reception afterwards.

And she would share her precious Fuji Apple with me or buy me one for myself. She is kind and compassionate and caring. A true friend.

We went out to lunch to honor one of her friends and we loved the bread and they kept on forgetting to bring us the bread. Lunch Service and a young kid overwhelmed and I remembered those days and wanted to jump into the kitchen and grab the piping hot bread. Service was subpar. And I forecasted the restaurant soon being gone. Killjoy that I am. I remarked, “That bread will come right before we get the check.” Sure enough it did. And we laughed because this is before COVID hit and we could all have a great time.

Paul L. Bucklaw

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