On Kids…

Paul L. Bucklaw
1 min readAug 13, 2023

It’s amazing that a three year old kid knows how to scroll through pictures on a phone.

My friend’s kid did this other day showing me the photos of his adventures.

For a moment it was like I was talking to an adult and then I realized he didn’t know how to snap his fingers or whistle or move out of the way when someone was trying to get through the steps we were sitting on. Oh well.

He is a regular powerhouse showing me his Pilates moves and his reversion to crawling and saying the word, “No.”

My friend’s kid at church kept on playing with the water fountain as I was trying to get a drink or maybe he was just pulling the lever so that I could get a drink.

And then I heard the words of my parents, “stop wasting water.”

And then my uncle when I was watching tv and would turn it off and turn on a half hour later-they didn’t have anything to amuse a kid and he scolded me and I felt bitter about that and not better.

And this child decides to push behind my back and I guess I could have gotten up and didn’t and then I looked at his mother with a “save from this I don’t know what to do look.”

I didn’t want to be mean and just wanted for the behavior to stop.

Later on I thought “he’ll learn when some steps on him.”

We grow up-we learn-hopefully the right lessons.



Paul L. Bucklaw

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