On Perspective.

Paul L. Bucklaw
2 min readApr 21

In regards to yutes wilding-a terrible name I thought that I’ve seen the same behavior on both sides before like a well orchestrated dance.

Each year at this same spot like an anniversary-this same kind of event goes on.

The participants each have their role. And yet higher life forms should be able to do better than this.

Yet that wasn’t the case. And then I thought I bet each generation has an exact duplicate of this behavior happening during their time and people were unwilling to break that pattern because of lack of thinking, they were getting paid overtime, or just fear.

It would be rational to think that our children or young adults could be doing something better than this with their time.

Is getting chased by the cops so enjoyable? And then I thought how there’s a lot of shaming going on and calls to escalate police strength.

I wonder if dialogue is even possible-could people be bribed not to riot?

My question would be where do we go then if escalation doesn’t work. And for me this seems to continue the stream of violence. And really it’s all about psychology and the adults in the room weren’t able to get the job done. Something different needed to be done.

It could be dialogue or just changing the vitriolic behavior on both sides. I was thinking of just changing the music to something kids wouldn’t tolerate.

And yet we could also have fun changing the meaning of police behaviors and those that were chased by police.

If you see a video of people running from police we don’t know what happened moments before.

And then we have the reporters who didn’t interview any of those involved in this wilding.

Tony Robbins ask the question what else can this behavior mean? And intelligent individuals can have fun changing the meaning of behavior.

Personally I can put the label they were celebrating Lori Lightfoot not being mayor anymore. And really one can make fun of this behavior and call it anything they want. It’s all about spin.

Paul L. Bucklaw

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