On Prayer

Paul L. Bucklaw
1 min readMay 4

The following story was created by bard artificial intelligence. It is not a statement made by Fox News, Fox Nudes, Fox Noise or Tucker Carlson.

It is for entertainment and educational and transformative purposes only

Tucker Carlson, a popular Fox News host, has asked the network to start praying during each show. In a speech to employees on Friday, Carlson said that prayer is “the only way to save this country.” He also said that he believes that Fox News is “under attack from the forces of darkness.”

Carlson’s comments have been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for speaking out about his faith, while others have criticized him for bringing religion into the workplace.

It is unclear whether Fox News will follow Carlson’s request to start praying during each show. However, Carlson’s comments have certainly sparked a conversation about the role of religion in the workplace.

Paul L. Bucklaw

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