On Running.

Paul L. Bucklaw
4 min readSep 25, 2022

I wrote this a few years back endeavoring to generate some good press for my friend. And my belief was that seeing his story various groups would help. Looking back this was nothing; since, his mom died in a horrific accident caused by a fire.

A page dedicated to his mom.

It looks like the weather is getting better, the Cubs are in first place and we are breathing in and out, huh that’s not a bad deal? The sun still shines even when the clouds cover it. Isn’t that amazing? The sun never says, to us, “You owe me…” Isn’t that kind of cool?

Here I am, this “marning” and I don’t know if I will get anything done, have you ever been there? Have you ever experienced uncertainty?

A priest sees a man shabbily dressed come into church each I week and never puts anything into the collection basket. One day the priest although a wonderful man, just like you, decided he had enough, everyone else contributed-why not this guy.

The priest starts to talk to the homeless man and finally he just blurts the question out, “Why do you contribute to the church?” The poor man looked at him and said “I contribute a lot.” The priest was flummoxed and looked quizzically at the man. Finally, the homeless man spoke, “Do you have donations from anonymous?” The priest nodded still puzzled. Then the homeless man stated, “That’s me.”

So many excuses we have in life and I have them too I bet you we have some similar ones. Too busy. Tired. Frustrated. Need time to myself. And the priest life is full things to do and pressures and smiling when you don’t feel like smiling and going against the grain at times.

My friend Tim Berry (timberry.us) is a homeless man that loves running marathons. Impressive? He ran in the Chicago Marathon and now will be running in the NYC Marathon, Catholic Charities is sponsoring his entry fee and as you know other necessities still exist.

Do your parishioners love an inspirational story? Wouldn’t be great for a change to see a positive story about someone who is indignant and those helping him? What if publishing this story in the bulletin at least part of it encouraged just one more person and realize that it could help many more and you aren’t the timid type and if someone told you that something couldn’t be done, checking all the reasons that it can’t be done, you would correct them…

Paul L. Bucklaw

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