On Spanking.

Paul L. Bucklaw
7 min readSep 29, 2022
Great story.

After reading the story above and thinking that the one thing that I predicted well was that Joe Biden was going to take us back to the 1970’s inflation and high gas prices and crises, I started to think about the Biblical line:

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

And my thinking about this was probably the same as a lot of people although I haven’t taken a survey in that I felt it meant to physically discipline a child. And I wasn’t exactly a proponent of that.

The other day after reading the above article I started to re-think my beliefs on that verse and considered what a rod was and thought that it was similar to a staff.

After some research I found that the rod was used to beat off wild animals and to prod sheep along the way and the staff was used to pull them back into line. One was used to prod and another used to pull the lambs back into the flock. This line is more about guidance and direction and protection than abusing your sheep.

What did I do wrong this time? Most likely I was bored and attempting to look out those tiny windows with the hand crank

or imagining what laid behind those frosted rectangular glass bricks that I couldn’t see through.



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