On Taxes.

Paul L. Bucklaw
4 min readOct 6, 2022

“Over the past decade, President Trump has paid tens of millions of dollars in personal taxes to the federal government, including paying millions in personal taxes since announcing his candidacy in 2015,” Mr. Garten said in a statement. This was said in a statement to the New York Times.

The richest man in Illinois is/was a crybaby and so is/was Trump. I did a meme comparing Trump and Buffet. The first two are crybaby billionaires.

The other will give away at least half his wealth in his lifetime. Trump’s charity what exactly did they do build a statue for him?

During the debates with Hillary Clinton when she lashed out on Trump not paying taxes and he said, “That makes me smart.” Compare that to the first quote above. Would it be logical to believe that he called taxpaying citizens and himself stupid?

What are they going to whine about now? Got it-being born with the McGold card in your mouth and the Rhodium Card in your hands is just like Jesus coming down to earth to be crucified. Well, it’s not the same unless you are the king of spin.

Years ago, there was a reporter who talked about the patriotism of paying taxes and that he had no problem with doing that because it helped many people and that is how he was raised. And it could be that the way money is now being spent is foolhardier than before. Or it could be that the greed of some wealthy individuals never stops.

“Actually, tax avoidance is not only legal and appropriate; as an American, it’s your patriotic duty. The less money taxpayers send to the government, the less money government wastes, and the more money citizens have to spend and invest — both of which create jobs and wealth.”

I wonder how old Merrill Matthews is? The above quote of course only applies to the super wealthy in that if you are poor and the government thinks you owe money in taxes, they will just garnish it from your millions.

It’s interesting that the same word can have a totally opposite meaning.

Garnish your wages compared to adding garnish to a salad. There was a writer on medium who had fun just…



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