On Today.

Paul L. Bucklaw
2 min readAug 1, 2023

Today. Homeless man sleeping on the side of Holy Name Cathedral.
Had fun with my friend’s child trying on Mickey Mouse and Unicorn ears.

Went out and talked to some Venezuelan people near Ohio as best as I could.

A family is near J. Dawgs on State in the alley and the kids had made a little home for themselves playing what I used to call, “tent.” The had made a table cloth and had some apples and really cute faces and the girl told me repeatedly she didn’t speak English until I remembered how to say cute and handsome to her and her brothers in Spanish then she was thrilled and ran to tell mommy or her sister. The kids had made a fort out of carboard.

The woman points to her sign that says she is looking for work.
Suddenly I remember the words for I don’t know in Spanish.
Still looking for people to interview people coming to Chicago from other countries.

Went to Jewel-Osco and the men’s room was per usual or even a little bit worse.
Graffiti (I always think there should be two t’s in that word instead of two f’s), soap dispenser broken, heater knocked off the wall, and the bathroom latch didn’t work.

I thought to myself, “I should report this” and then remembered that last time I tried to do this they didn’t make it easy and at the last prompt they fail to send the complaint. Oh well.

Went on the subway and someone had left their trash.

Over to Pritzker Park and it was trashed and the police car sat on the side and just watched the chaos go on just waiting to go home safely and at some point retire.

Man in front of Harold Washington Library thread bare clothes and emaciated asking for a quarter so that he could get something to eat I hand him a dollar and he asks the next person for the same. Oh well.



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