On Today.

Paul L. Bucklaw
4 min readAug 27, 2023

This morning passing by the fire station I heard the call go out over the intercom:

“Person in Water Michigan and Lake Shore Drive.”

And then I thought about the people that would go to rescue the person hopefully living and what they would do and how they would act depending on the outcome. They had to deal with the highs of rescuing someone or the lows of dealing with death. They are much better than I.

And then I went and sat by Holy Name Cathedral on the side away from the usual people begging and the traffic to reflect what I was going to do with the day.

A woman passes by and says, “Hello,” and I repeat the words back to her. She reminded me of Insoo Kim Berg so now when she passed by I call her that.


The families passed by with the kids in strollers and the girl in the sparkly dress-sequins-I don’t know it was a cool dress and the dogs strutted by some friendly and some snobby.

And I noticed the cool breeze and thought to myself that a few days ago the temperature had reached 100 and today there was a constant cool breeze.

After doing this for awhile I decided to go pick up some papers near Northwestern and see what was to be seen and get a breakfast cheeseburger.

I remembered the girl I saw playing in the alley with her father learning to ride a bike and then the recording of birds that I believe this art center had…



Paul L. Bucklaw

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