On Veterans.

Memorial Day and as I walked around the City I noticed a shortage of flags.

Now I am not a big flag person even though we used to have a flagpole at our house in Olyphant, Pa. The city, Chicago used to have some company hang them from the lights. Remembering that I wrote our pastor about the absence of flag at church especially on holidays and they were too cheap to do this little service. Last month they brought in over $128,000. What a shame.

Here we go again, “We all LOVE our Vets.” Sure that is why we have them sleeping on grates and under store fronts that are unoccupied…



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Paul L. Bucklaw

Who am I ? That is the eternal question. slackivist.com. Writer ? Hero ? Motivator ? Environmentalist ? If you know let me know. Visit demicnews.com