On Whom Would Jesus Sue.

Paul L. Bucklaw
6 min readSep 7, 2022

Kind of a loaded question because Jesus had powers that we don’t have and abilities that we don’t have. Anyway I wanted to take a crack at it.

Read just recently that the Jews were not big on taking things to court that the method they used was to resolve issues between themselves.

“Come to good terms with your accuser quickly, while you are with him on the way to court, so that your accuser will not hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the officer, and you will not be thrown into prison.”

Was Jesus incapable of settling his own case favorably?

Most cases in the United States are settled before they reach the proverbial courtroom steps. 98 percent hasn’t changed in years and they other two percent how many of them are settled?

In Athens I believe they had a system where arbitration was tried privately twice and if that failed open arbitration was attempted and if that failed you went to court where men 6,000 men over sixty would hear your case. Imagine having 6,000 people on your homeowners association.

In this case we have a child that is being bullied allegedly because of his Christianity. And a lawsuit is filed with a 206 page complaint. Persecution. Or is political theater? Whatever happened to forgiveness?

A 206 page lawsuit doth he protest too much? Wondering who the religious organization is behind this lawsuit. It is just a thought I have no proof. Dhillon Law Group the lawyers of this lawsuit are Trump backers.

Years ago when that word was being bandied about during the Obama administration everything was persecution even when the conservatives were winning cases they still stated that they were being persecuted. And I wrote an article about this and how people in other countries are still crucified for the smallest infractions.

Let’s for the sake of discussion say that their complaint is valid on the face. I haven’t read it. Let’s say no lawsuit is filed and the abusive behavior of other children towards this young man condoned by the school continues because no lawsuit is brought.



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