On Zach.

Zach keeps on telling me I’m putting a stereotype on him because he’s on Biktarvi and I’m really tired of hearing about it. Kind of offends me that he doesn’t even know me and thinks I’m stereotyping him I mean where does he get off?

Now to get revenge the commercial plays in the background of my smartphone constantly Zach saying that I’m not going to put him down which I never wanted to do in the first place or would. He seems like a nice guy well-dressed and his beard is groomed so why would he constantly pay those ads in the background. I’m starting not to trust Zack. Or Zach.


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Paul L. Bucklaw

Who am I ? That is the eternal question. slackivist.com. Writer ? Hero ? Motivator ? Environmentalist ? If you know let me know. Visit demicnews.com