On Corporate Social Responsibility..

Paul L. Bucklaw
6 min readMay 11, 2022

So I decided to update this story.

Originally I failed to mention that my friend and I were at McDonald’s when a security guard got into an argument and pepper sprayed a customer multiple times, running after him down the street. We both got some of the excess spray on us as well.

Yesterday, night there was a shooting at the Chicago and State McDonald’s were one goes to eat and see the theatre of a fight breaking out. Two dead and eight wounded.

“One in eight people in the United States has been employed by McDonald’s. It is not only the most popular fast-food restaurant but the place where most Americans have worked.”

What are they learning?

Years ago when I was a student at soon to be defunct paralegal school (National Academy of Paralegal Studies), I asked a funny question of my professor: “If corporations are people too than why can’t they be good people?” He chuckled and so did the rest of the class and then stated, “Fiduciary Responsibility.”

The other day I was sitting in a restaurant with a friend and a homeless individual starts to throw a parade throughout the facility. He was really have a great time and to me at least was annoying. Then the next day a person sleeping in this same eatery. No place to go. Management asks him to leave and he doesn’t. A little while later the same scene is repeated with more vigor and nothing changes. That made me think of Wayne Dyer and when he stated-that when someone does something good that others around them are affected as well.

And so a few minutes later and Manager 501 is furious and isn’t manager enough to manage a homeless person. Just like me from time-to-time we both lacked the creativity to deal with the situation at hand.

And that reminds me of a short story. Working at Price Chopper in Lebanon, NH…

Paul L. Bucklaw

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