Paul L. Bucklaw
Nov 16, 2022

10 Reasons I Couldn’t Sell Vegan Dog Food.

12. Didn’t go to college.

11. Poor upbringing, didn’t work hard enough, and I just generally suck.

10. Gigantic Conspiracy Hosted by Trump and the Pizzagate Crowd.

9. Burping, farting, snorting and catcalls at Harold Washington Library kept on distracting me.

8. Friends couldn’t take the time to share the link.

7. Couldn’t advertise because Facebook deemed it against their Community Standards and Political Advertising.

6. Vegans not that into their dogs being as good as they are.

5. Vegan Influencers made too much money selling meat by products.

4. Saint Rita and St. Francis think it would make me too proud.

3. Failed to get excited and take another Tony Robbins course.

2. Didn’t use ClickFunnels.

1. Obama.

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