“We all LOVE our Vets.”.

Paul L. Bucklaw
2 min readNov 29, 2021

Here we go again, “We all LOVE our Vets.” Sure that is why we have them sleeping on grates and under store fronts that are unoccupied.

Someone once asked, “What happened to the organization you used to run ?” Of could of said, “You didn’t show up to help out.” Instead, “The founder failed,” said I. I was the founder. Say another prayer. Ask one more person to help. I wasn’t resilient enough and it was the same for them as well.

“What are we doing for social justice ?”

It is sad when you look at your communication center and the network is down. A friend homeless for two years at least came over to eat and take a shower and wash some clothes.

It felt like a small victory and then I realized that this shouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for a person who is puppy dog friendly and who has stood with his country as Vet.

I am dwelling on the sadness that quite a few people unfortunately missed out on his good qualities and wonderful personality.

My current situation doesn’t allow me to adopt him due to a temporary block on love. I think the next attempt for him to connect will be the one that gets through. It wasn’t. I sucked at this.

I wanted a less Buddha like life for him. We think of helping the poor pooch as an extraordinary moment of valor a fight for the underdog and still it is just the thing that should be done without much ado.

Six Years on a Mission to release the hounds from the leash of ineffective systems. A new litter of poor everyday. I failed to reach the hearts and minds of people and get them to take action.

When I look at the pound I can only fault the Administrator. When I hear the cries of the poor, I can only fault the floundering founder of a failed strategy, that tried to remove the dog from the muck and mire that society put him in. Wasn’t creative enough or resilient enough and society wasn’t either.

It is convenient to put blame on others. But each individual has a unique choke collar, that is fear. Sometimes it keeps us from doing the right thing. Other times it is just that the circuitry is shutdown.

Am I my Brother’s Keeper from time-to-time I am and I was terrible at it

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