Weaponizing Immigration.

Paul L. Bucklaw
2 min readMay 8

In Chicago there is a vast amount of empty buildings and the City owns about 42,000 properties and yet the myth that there was no housing available resounded from inept politicians that just could do their job.

Every religion has it own version of the “golden rule.” With the movement of people working from home buildings are now converting once commercial real estate into housing for the elite.

There is an eight year waiting list to house the homeless in Chicago.

Meanwhile, people sleep under bridges and storefronts on the CTA and on grates. Just not enough heart to house the homeless unfortunately.

They are calling it a crisis at the borders and yet this crisis was manufactured by Republicans who having no platform decided to create chaos and show that they are incapable, of governing. Immigration is already a chaotic business. Did they make it better or worse?

And if they truly were concerned about America they would have let the Federal Government process our brothers and sisters in Christ. And let them do their jobs. Nope they made things worse just like they do when asked to end a war or handle an economy.

Transporting people across state lines is illegal.

“Under federal law, it is a crime to transport or attempt to transport an undocumented noncitizen within the U.S., if you know or have reason to know that the person is not authorized to be in the U.S. The penalties for this crime can include up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.”

Maybe we could put people up at the Cardinal’s Mansion or the House Catholic Charities owns.

Mayor Lightweight, who has three strikes against her by some Republican “standard” African American, a woman and gay, missed the boat, as far housing citizens although she stated she wanted to create a “hotel for the homeless,” and needed our input on where to do so. I gave her…

Paul L. Bucklaw

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