On Priests.

Paul L. Bucklaw
2 min readJun 3, 2022

This was something I wrote awhile back thinking that it might invigorate the flock. Not so. Guess not.

I’m not Padre Pio either. We are all going to have such a great time. And Father Fajardo will be there and Cardinal Cupich and Bishop Birmingham and Father Dave all my brothers and sisters.

And we can roast marshmallows around an illegal campfire. And sing Kumbaya and other great hits.

Then we can do a few rounds of Taize and tell ghost stories and smores.

And we can light candles that blow out in the wind. Will there be wind? Of course.

Wow! I can hardly wait for Boxer Day. Looking forward to a superlative time.

A good time will be had by all. Or we could just lie about it. Aloha be there or be square.

Then I asked myself why thy couldn’t give a few hours to commiserate with the poor.

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